Congrats Ireland Womens Hockey & what a sponsorship SoftCo!

NINTCHDBPICT000424579085As I screamed and danced around my living room yesterday as the Irish Womens Hockey  Team scored that winning goal, in the Sudden Death shootout in the Hockey World Cup Semi Final’s yesterday,  securing a place in today’s final, I couldn’t help but congratulate SoftCo for their sponsorship support! Earlier in the tournament I had to consult that online encyclopaedia, Google, as I had never even heard of SoftCo. Sorry SoftCo!

SoftCo, an Irish software company and is a provider of financial process automation solutions such as invoice automation. Not a small business as last year they won a $20 million (€17.2 million) deal with the Finnish government. And overall, it has more than one million business users worldwide with big name clients such as Volkswagen, Primark/Penneys, PWC and Renault among them.

SoftCo took over sponsorship of the Women Irish Hockey team in early June and has easily recouped the money it put forward to help the team out. Industry sources estimate the company stumped up €20,000 to have its name displayed on the team’s shirts, a small sum given how many viewers tuned in to watch the game on RTE or read about its exploits the following day.

Given there were many more eyes watching Ireland take on Spain in the semi-finals yesterday and  even more as they take on the Netherland in the final itself today, it looks to have been a good result for the Dublin-based company.

Players on the Irish international women’s squad are asked to pay a levy of €550 a year to supplement their funding, so they have to pay to play for their country. By contrast many of the other international teams are full time professional athletes. So fantastically well done Ireland and well done SoftCo, you shelled out €20,000 when no-one else would. And what a great decision it was!

No doubt the queue of potential sponsors has already formed outside the Irish Women’s Hockey HQ (if they have one?) And what about those sponsors that said no….??? #Regret #BigTime

#GreenArmy #COYGIG The country is behind you today!!! Screenshot 2018-08-05 10.28.16

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